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Egyptian collection of Stibbert Museum

Coffin of Nespasefy

The Stibbert Museum of Florence is best known for its armoury, which includes both Eastern and European productions of the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. However, not everyone knows that Stibbert made a small Egyptian temple in his garden and to furnish it he bought some Egyptian artefacts on the antique market, some of which are valuable. For the presentation of the museum, see the official website For the background of the collector Frederick Stibbert,  see page from the same site.

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2000, Guidotti M.C., "Stibbert e l'Egitto" in AA.VV., "Frederick Stibbert, gentiluomo, collezionista e sognatore", Rivista del Museo Stibbert, Firenze, pp.

Location: Museo Stibbert, via Frederick Stibbert 26, Firenze