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Museo di Scienze Naturali di Brescia

Mummy of a falcon

For a description of the museum, see the official website of the same; for the description of the Egyptian collection of  historical documents, one can only obtain information that they are private donations to the City of Brescia; probably then divided between the Museum of Villa Julia and the Science Museum. The legacy certainly recognizable in the collection of the Museum of Science is that of Mrs. G. Reiss, the widow of William Reiss, a Director of the Government.Foundation:
27 mummies of animals and human  parts

Further information
Collection data

2002, Pozzi Battaglia M. in “Egitto. Dalle piramidi ad Alessandro Magno”, the catalogue of the exhibition, Fondazione di Via Senato Milan. December 05, 2002-May 18, 2003 pp.120-124.

Location: Museo di Scienze Naturali di Brescia, egyptian collection is not presented but available to scholars