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Methodological Criteria

The collections of Egyptian antiquities are itemized on a list that gives the geographical distribution. For the collections that already have official or authorized sites that offer information about the collection and perhaps also on the findings, concise indications are given by putting links for the activation of the task to provide all available information. For museums that have joined the project, and for those that it was considered appropriate, the available information has been implemented for example by find cards or profiles of collectors to whom the collection belonged.

The catalog of objects is done by selection; functional to the archaeological (re)contextualization (recontextualization non esiste in inglese!) of the work in relation to the location, excavation and / or history of collecting, indexed by integrating information about the characters and the contexts of discovery of the remains.

The translations of texts, if reporting the source, transcriptions, translations, transliterations and translations from scratch adopt the following method:

[ ]  Step into the gap intergrating as far as possible
<> Passage omitted by the scribe, integrating as far as possible
[[ ]] Uncertain or corrupt step
(?) Reading uncertain
() Integration of a word or an expression towards a better understanding of the text



As for the reading of names in ancient Egypt the criteria listed in the table were used.

For correct reading one must use the column giving the corresponding phonetic pronunciation of the signs. Moreover, as in the hieroglyphic system the vowels are not transcribed, to help the pronunciation an interconsonantial "e" has been added.



Trascrizione fonetica


Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato


Trascrizione fonetica


Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

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