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Archeological Object

Stone of Horus on the Crocodiles

 Small stone arched shape on the front of the child Horus standing on crocodiles in his right hand holding two snakes, a scorpion and an oryx, and left a two snakes, a scorpion and lion. In the central part above the head of Bes and his divinity Selkis recorded two sides left and right Onur intent to hit a snake with a stick. Right and left the stone is bordered by two columns with a papyrus capitals surmounted by a hawk and a capital with the lotiforme surmounted by two feathers. This is an apotropaic object that offered protection from dangerous animals.
On the back above a scene of worship of the sun and under 14 lines of text which shows the translation of Loredana Sist:
"Acting:" O old man young again in his time, young or old who becomes again! Allow me to come and Thoth to my prayer for me and rejecting Nehaher. Osiris is on the water, the Eye of Horus is with him. The large beetle hovering over him, powerful fist, which begat the gods when he was young that if you approach him in pain, you approach similarly tear to the eye of Horus. Back to you beings who were in the water, or an enemy, or dead, dead, or opponent - may you perish! - Ankhmnevis of the son of Imhotep, or attacking and the like! Do not lift your face or you who are in the water until Osiris passes over you. There he is! Stop, block your throat. Back to you or the enemy! Do not lift your face and your eyes to those who are suffering: they are the God Osiris. When Ra goes up on the boat to visit the Ennead of Kher'aha, the lords of the Duat rose to cut you to pieces. When Nehaher moves against Osiris, while the water is the Eye of Horus is upon him. " On the sides of the stele and the front hoof runs an inscription translated by Sist: "Acting: Hail to thee, O God, the son of a god! Hail to thee heir, the son of an heir! Greetings to you, or bull, born of a divine cow! Hail to thee, Horus or released, born of Isis the divine! I speak in your name. I play you the magic formula. I speak through your magical power. [I beg you have created with their fingers crossed]

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: E 983.63.01
  Class and ware: Votive furnishings
Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: Late period
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Material: Basalt
  Height: 8,7
  Length: 5,1
  Thickness: 2,3

1983, Sist L., “Una stele di “Horo sui coccodrilli””, OA XXII pp.253-260, tavv.XV-XX
1985, Kákosy L., “La magia in Egitto ai tempi dei faraoni”, Milano, pp.130-131

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