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Archeological Object

Book of the Dead of Pasced

Book of the Dead of Pasched

The papyrus contains the Book of the Dead written for the scribe Pasced. The text is written in cursive hieroglyphics and is arranged in columns. There are only two of the painted images that accompanied the text:
the image left in the upper register is very fragmentary, while in the "vignette" at the bottom the deceased Pasced is represented standing with his hands raised in adoration and is dressed in a rich white linen robe. Behind him is a representation of his wife holding the sistrum in her hand.
The text has preserved parts of chapters 27, 23, 148 and 125; this last chapter (Say when you enter in the hall of the Two Truths) preceeded the chapter of the Negative Confession.

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: E 0.9.40322
  Definizione: Papyrus with writing
  Title or subject:

Book of the Dead  of Pasced

Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: End of XVIII dynasty
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Height: 40
  Length: 56
  Varie: fragmentary

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