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Archeological Object

Mummy of Paefciauauiset

Mummy of Paefciauauiset

This mummy is part of a funerary complex from which there are also the survivors:  an anthropomorphous sarcophagus (E 0.9.40147) and a case sarcophagus (E 0.9.40148). It is known from the Acerbi correspondence that a third sarcophagus was destroyed during transport and a fourth already went to pieces in Egypt. This is the sarcophagus and the mummy of a priest, Paefciauauiset, the son of PadjBastet and generated by Taheb, who probably lived in the XXVI dynasty.
The mummy has a network of tubes in faience which covers it from the chest to the feet and small pad inserted in the bandage under his head and from x-rays it was possible to see that his hands are crossed on his chest: one is open and one is closed in a fist. It was assumed that the time of death was at the age of around thirty.

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: E 0.9.40149
Precedenti_localizzazioni (Label is not translated)
  Provenance: The purchase was made by the consul Giuseppe Acerbi in the Theban area, who had had the request from Don Robustiano Gironi, the curator of the Numismatic Cabinet of Brera, and who donated it in 1830 to the Museum Patrio of Archaeology.
Place of discovery
  Place of discovery:

Theban area

  Title or subject:

Mummy of Paefciauauiset

Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: XXVI dynasty
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Height: 170
  Varie: Conservation status: discreet; it has a strong oxidation of oils and there was a substantial loss of bitumen, some of which has continued in recent times.

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1979, Lise G. “Musei e Gallerie di Milano. Museo Archeologico: raccolta egizia”, Milano, p.  22 (cat.8)

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