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Archeological Object

Canopic Jar of Nekhethormenekhib

The vase tapered towards the base has a rounded shoulder. On the body two columns of hieroglyphics are carved framed within a square that is also engraved. The text contains a ritual formula to protect the contents of the vase and beside  the name of the deceased are mentioned as well the names of his parents.
The formula reads (reading from right to left):
"1 – Say the words from Osiris, the acquaintance of the king, Nekhethormenkhib, son of Ankh-
2 –  wnennefer, generated by the mistress of the house Sekhmetnekhet. The protection of Imset
is this ".
The canopic  jar came with a lid shaped like a jackal,  not relevant (Cat. 115) and  probably false. The original lid was in the form of a human head in connection with Imset, the protector genius mentioned in the inscription.

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: E 0.9.40437
Precedenti_localizzazioni (Label is not translated)
  Provenance: A gift of Nicoletta Pallini Clemente
  Class and ware: Sculpture
Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: XXVI - XXX dinasty
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Material: Alabaster
  Technique: Chiselling
  Height: 24,5
  Diameter: 14,5

1975 – 1976, Lise G. “Un novo Canopo nella Civica Raccolta Egizia” in “Notizie del Chiostro del Monastero Maggiore”, Milano, fasc. XV-XVIII, p.35 
1979, Lise G. “Musei e Gallerie di Milano. Museo Archeologico: raccolta egizia”, Milano, p. 29
(cat. 103), tavv. 138 - 139

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