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Archeological Object

Stele of Inaros

Stele of Inaros
The funeral stele has a rounded shape at the top; the rounded part is decorated with the winged sun disk, under which there is the inscription that refers to it: "Behedety, Great God, Lord of heaven, colorful feathers, who appears on the horizon".

The scene below, placed inside a colored frame, shows the deceased with his hands raised in adoration in the presence of the god Osiris, represented as a mummiform, with the white crown and skin painted green. Among the dead and Osiris an offering table is depicted schematically, which represented only the base, on which there is a large opened lotus flower. Behind Osiris there are the goddesses Isis and Nephthys, who are also depicted with green skin for similarity with Osiris, and to follow the four sons of Horus, placed on a large lotus flower. All the deities are accompanied by hieroglyphs that identify them. The stele is completed by five horizontal lines of hieroglyphs painted in black on alternately white and yellow. The inscription shows a traditional offering formula and is full of gaps in several points.The hieroglyphic inscriptions were drawn in cursive hieroglyphic and the picture of the decorated part is rather coarse and with little attention to detail


Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: inv. 181
Precedenti_localizzazioni (Label is not translated)
  Provenance: Purchased by Francesco Castiglioni in 1830
Place of discovery
  Place of discovery:


  Definizione: Stele
  Class and ware: Funerary furnishings
  Title or subject: Stele of Inaros
Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: Ptolemaic period
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Material: Wood
  Height: 37
  Width: 28
  Varie: Stuccoed and painted wood
  Bibliography: 1964, Botti G. “I cimeli egizi del Museo di Antichità di Parma” in Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere “La Colombara”, vol. IX, Firenze, pp. 113 – 114, (cat. 181), tav.XXVI