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Archeological Object

Stele of Piaj

Stele of Piaj, scribe of the army

Fragment of a stele arched; at the peak of the semicircle is the representation of the ring of eternity and Anubis.  At the heart  the deceased with a wide representation from the sleeves pleated tunic and elaborate wig and makes offers with kebeh-vase and with the incense to Osiris. Behind the god Osiris is represented Isis and behind the deceased are represented his mother and his brother Nenirnu. Above the stage a formula offering: "Making the funeral to offer your ka, or Osiris, lord of eternity with all things, good, pure, fresh water, wine, milk, what Heaven has given created the Earth, bringing the Nile, from his cave, for the ka dell'osiris, the scribe of the army of the Lord of the Two Lands, Pjiaj, justified. His mother (is) Ese, justified".
Under the scene of the early survivors are 19 vertical columns of inscription containing the names and titles of other relatives.

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: E 179
Place of discovery
  Place of discovery:


  Definizione: Funerary stele
  Class and ware: Funerary furnishings
  Title or subject:

Stele of Piaj, scribe of the army

Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: XVIII Dynasty
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Material: Limestone
  Height: 78
  Width: 86

1964, Botti G. “I cimeli egizi del Museo di Antichità di Parma” in Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere “La Colombara”, vol. IX, Firenze, pp. 107- 110, (cat. 179),  tav. XXIV