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Archeological Object

Cosmetic palette (n. cat. 66003)

Cosmetic palette

Palette for the preparation of cosmetics in a half-moon shape. The two ends are decorated with two birds' heads with the neck bent back towards the body of the palette; the left head is broken. In the middle of the long side a hole indicates the use of hanging this type of object. One is dealing with workmanship that indicates the high level already reached in Egypt in predynastic times. The use  was to give support for grinding malachite, which was then applied to the inside of the eye as it would be like kohl.

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: inv. 66003
Place of discovery
  Place of discovery:

Cemetery a of el-Amrah, tomb n. 22; excavation of the Egyptian Exploration Fund 1990-1901

  Definizione: Cosmetic palette
  Class and ware: Toiletries
  Title or subject:

Cosmetic palette

Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: Naqada II
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Material: slate
  Length: 20,0
  Varie: Conservation status: fragmentary; The head of the bird, on the left side, is missing

2005-2007, Cappozzo M., “La collezione Egizia del Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico Luigi Pigorini”, in Bullettino di Paletnologia Italiana, Vol. 96, p. 160, scheda 70, fig. 70.