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Archeological Object

Vase (n. cat. 74536)


Vase with an ellipsoidal body, an everted rim and two small handle loops on the shoulder. Irregular flat bottom. The decoration shows wavy lines representing water on the shoulder, near the handles, and on the edge of the mouth. The central motif of the decoration is a plant that most Egyptologists read as an aloe, from the inspired interpretation of Petrie in 1920 (Prehistoric Egypt, British School of Archaelogy in Egypt 31, London), but more recently the hypothesis has been advanced that this is a wild banana (Ensete ventricosum): this plant has actual knowledge of its archaeological findings and use in the Pharaonic era in the residues found in jars of beer (going back to 1400 BC) that on examination showed the presence of yeast cells grown on the wild banana tree used to produce fermentation (Lise Mannich, An Ancient Egyptian Herbal, British Museum Press London 1993 p. 101).

Further information
Identificazione (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: inv. 74536
Precedenti_localizzazioni (Label is not translated)
  Provenance: Purchased by Roberto Parimbeni, Qena 1904 (at the antiquarian Girghis)
Place of discovery
  Place of discovery:


  Definizione: Vase
  Title or subject:


Cronologia (Label is not translated)
  Period: Naqada II
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  Material: Earthenware
  Height: 11,2
  Varie: Conservation status: good

2005-2007, Cappozzo M., “La collezione Egizia del Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico Luigi Pigorini”, in Bullettino di Paletnologia Italiana, Vol. 96, p. 177, file 139.